Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recently had to get a Telstra 21 3g card working with a Netcomm 3G wireless router N3G002W.

There were some hassles getting it all configured but the in the end it DOES WORK!

So the things to look for are:
  • Dont turn off the radio when you disconnect the dongle from your pc. I just pulled it out to make sure. The option in the bigpond connection manager app to close and exit I think turns of the radio.
  • Press and hold the SHIFT key when clicking on the OPTIONS in the telstra bigpond connection manager app. This gives you some extra tabs in the options dialog. Click the checkbox in one of the new tabs that says that the device is already registered.
  • use telstra.bigpond as the APN, and put in the username and password. Other default settings worked fine.
Did not really see any speed increase over the 7.2 where I was though (country area) !

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